Small Business Grant Money – Free Money For Your Business & How to Find It

Finally decided to start your own company but having problems finding the necessary startup capital in order to get it running? Have no fear, the Government is here! Yes, I did just say The Government. The US Government offers free grants to small business owners as a way to help encourage growth and stability. While there are thousands of these offers available every year, very few are even applied for? Why is that? Because most people don’t even know they exist!Every new entrepreneurs dreams to take his business to the Forbes 100 List but most of them fail to realize realistic goals. One of the largest contributing factors to this is a lack of startup capital or initial investment. Running your own business is expensive, something that is easy to miss-judge. For this reason, the Government offers free grants that are available to boost new business here in America.So how can I get one of these small business grants? Simple, you need to search one of the many thousand offers available to find one that fits your needs and requirements. Some guidelines regarding that process as well as some tips on what to look for in a grant offer can be found online. Once you’ve found the offer that fits your company you then need to submit a business plan/grant application.Some important things to keep in mind when applying to offers:1. Presentation of the business plan -The first important step is the presentation. Any small business grant distributor will be interested primarily in how you tend to use the money if they give it to you, and also how you plan on using the funds to make a profit. The difference between a bank loan and a federal grant is you don’t have to show them how you’ll repay it (grants are cash gifts), which means you should focus on the ultimate goal of your business rather than the small steps you plan on taking to generate revenue along the way.2. The message conveyed in the business plan -The business plan is the cornerstone of any grant application This plan give a clear idea of your goals and vision as well as a rough timetable for accomplishing these goals. The potential in your business is shown in your business plan and it is the plan itself, which increases the confidence that the grant distributers will have in you.3. The Eligibility for small business grants sanction -* Small business grants are readily extended to small business industries to help them grow, only if they have a potential.* Small business grants bodies have their own objectives and give grants money to those satisfying them in the best possible manner.* The location of the business is one big reason for sanction of small business grants. The government wants decentralization of industries in order to avoid migration toward cities. For example, you’d have an easier time securing a government small business grant if you planned on being headquartered in upstate New York rather than downtown New York City.

Small Business Catering – 5 Reasons Why You Should Start Your Own

Many people who want to start their own catering business are already thinking about grand plans. They instantly picture themselves catering to thousands of people in a very big event. There is nothing wrong with dreaming big. However, you also have to be practical and realistic. Do you think you can afford to buy all the necessary supplies and equipment and prepare food for thousands of guests? Your answer is probably ‘no’, especially if you are just starting your catering business. What you need to do is to start small. Here are some reasons why you should start your own small business catering.1. Starting small will not make you feel overwhelmed. Starting a new business is challenging enough. Starting big is scary. You have to start small in terms of capital and the size of events for your catering business. A small catering business is perfect for people who are still testing the waters.2. The risks involved are smaller if you start small. You only need a small capital. If you fail, at least it will not hurt your pocket as much. You will not feel discouraged and traumatized after failing on your first try.3. People who do not have enough capital should also start a small business in catering. Do not force yourself to have a huge catering business if you cannot afford it. Do not resort to borrowing money or loans especially if you have no stable means to pay it back. Make sure that you start your business the right way, as much as possible without loans.4. A small business in catering is also easier to manage. You can do the cooking yourself and you can rent supplies. You do not need to pay for staff since you are running the business by yourself. This will also encourage budding entrepreneurs.5. Another reason why you should start a small catering business is that you can work full time and take care of your business at the same time. You cannot do this if your business is an empire. This setup is perfect for people who are still having second thoughts on whether they should quit their regular job and focus on their business or not.